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Steam show 8% of users are running Macintosh

Valve made the bold move a short while ago of releasing Steam on Macintosh OSX. Many doubters thought this was a waste of time, after all many have said that OSX is not a particularly good gaming platform and supporting it is too costly.

It appears that this might be preemptive thinking as according to Steams own survey over 8 percent of the total user base in the first month were using OSX. More than the 64bit Versions of Windows XP and Vista combined. Wozzers.

May has been the first month of OSX client availability and Apple has made a significant dent into Windows market share. 32 bit Windows XP however maintains around 33percent of the market share with 64bit Windows 7 next in line at around 25percent.

This is not only a good sign to Apple that they need to put more effort into helping game companies develop for the platform, but it shows that there is potentially a massive market ready to buy the leading titles.

KitGuru says: In 2011 we feel that Apple might grab a decent chunk of the gaming market, if developers take a chance and release AAA titles on OSX.

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