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MSI Big Bang XPOWER Intel X58 motherboard review

There is no doubting that the MSI Big Bang XPower is one of the most impressive motherboards on today's market. They have accepted no compromises and from the ground up they have designed the product to cater to the most demanding of enthusiast user.

The bundle supplied is extremely thorough, with a plethora of manuals and extras to cater for every user skill level, we particularly liked the overclocking guide. Many companies allow for bios overclocking but include so many warnings with their literature that many inexperienced users will be immediately unsure if it is worth the risk …. not MSI, they really do want to promote the features and are trying to educate people by explaining how it all works.

The OC Genie button is a great touch and many people will be happy with the automated end result as it pushes the system hard, but not right to the limit.

The build quality is as high as we have seen with attention to detail in all areas, from the inclusion of Hic Capacitors, onboard LED readouts and heavy duty passive cooling. If you are an enthusiast with a love for multiple monitors then the support for up to 6 graphics cards is going to be surely appealing. When compared with the class leading eVGA X58 board it performed to a slightly higher level while consuming less power, a intoxicating combination.

All this luxury and power comes at a cost of £270 inc vat in the UK, but we actually feel this is good value for money as there are no weaknesses with the product whatsoever.

In closing, the MSI Big Bang XPower is probably the finest motherboard we have tested to date and is verifying our theory that 2010 is the year of MSI. If you have deep pockets then make sure to pair this board up with the incredible R5870 Lightning.

KitGuru says: A quality product with unparalled overclocking capabilities and support for every featureset on the market. Overclocking is also a cinch.

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Rating: 9.0.

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