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EVGA launches Supernova P6 power supplies

EVGA is about to launch a new series of 80-Plus Platinum-certified PSUs. Succeeding the Supernova P5 series, the upcoming Supernova P6 line of PSUs will feature a new platform design, new materials and better layout placement in a new, smaller chassis.

Available in 650W, 750W, 850W, and 1000W models, the EVGA Supernova P6 is the latest addition to EVGA's line-up of PSUs. Featuring a full-bridge, LLC Resonant Rectification, and DC-DC design, these new power supplies were built to offer stability, efficiency, and tight voltage regulation at any load.

The OPP (Overpower Protection) has been designed to trigger when the PSU reaches 135% of the maximum rated voltage, working as a last resort to protect a system from harm. However, the Supernova P6 PSUs firmware shuts down the unit 5-10% sooner if over-power conditions last longer than 1ms, preventing an accidental shutdown during a temporary peak wattage.

Smaller than their predecessors, the Supernova P6 PSUs offer improved efficiency and voltage regulation, generating less heat while working, allowing EVGA to create the company's shortest ATX Platinum-certified PSU. Despite its small size, it features a 135mm FDB Fan that only starts spinning at a certain workload if Eco Mode is enabled, making it near-silent during operation.

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