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Test shows that new 12V-2×6 GPU connector can withstand 640W load

Following various reports of 12VHPWR power connectors melting, PCI SIG has issued an updated version, usually referred to as 12V-2×6. This new connector promises to solve most of the problems the 12VHPWR connector had, and tests show us exactly that.

HardwareBusters recently paid a visit to Linewell, the company responsible for producing power cables for a number of OEMs. Because many power supply manufacturers are moving to the new power connector design, Aris and his colleagues opted to travel directly to where these cables are being tested.

During its visit, HardwareBusters saw Linewell doing an extended-duration test (50+ minutes) on a new 12V-26 cable. With the cable fully inserted, the temperature of the connector was around 46 °C. Linewell employees then test with the cable only partially inserted with the same power setting. Despite receiving a huge 55 Amps and consistently delivering over 640W of power, thermal imaging revealed that the cable's temperature only reached a modest 41°C, far from melting.

These new GPU connectors should prevent incidents of melting connectors. When the sensing pins responsible for negotiating power utilisation are not correctly attached, they should limit the supply power delivery to just over +600W. The goal of this test, however, was to show that the new power pins are not only more conductive but also less vulnerable to overheating. Even under situations of extreme bending in all directions, the temperature of the cable remained constant. However, it is unclear if power supply providers would change their bending distance guidelines.

At this point, all new RTX 40 series graphics cards sent to consumers feature the new 12V-2×6 GPU connector. Unless you get a card that has been on the shelf for months, you'll most likely get one using the latest GPU power connector.

KitGuru says: While we hope that no complaints of these new cables melting emerge, it's important to remember that every power cable and connection has some chance of failure, and no design is completely failproof.

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