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be quiet! upgrades Pure Power 11 series with fully modular power supplies

The team over at be quiet! is expanding its power supply range this month. Today, the company announced the new Pure Power 11 FM series, consisting of fully modular power supplies with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency.

The Pure Power range is all about dependability, which is why every unit in the range is fully modular, giving PC builders the option to only plug in the cables they need and thus freeing up space for airflow inside the case. The Pure Power 11 series will be available in 550W, 650W and 750W, so there is an option for budget, low-power builds as well as more capable gaming machines. These power supplies are 93.9 percent efficient too, leading to the 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating.

In terms of protection features, these power supplies come equipped with LLC + SR + DC/DC technology for advanced stability and voltage regulation. Cooling is achieved with a silence-optimized 120mm be quiet! fan with airflow-optimized fan blades. As usual, all modern protection circuits (including UVP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OCP, and OTP) are integrated.

The Pure Power 11 series isn't the only new set of power supplies on the block though, be quiet! is also launching the SFX Power 3 and TFX Power 3 units for those who are building a small form-factor system. The SFX Power 3 and TFX Power 3 offer enough ports to power a modern mini-ITX system and a 12V rail to support a dedicated graphics card. The SFX Power 3 series is available in 300W and 450W, offering 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency, while the TFX Power 3 has two different 300W models – one with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and the other with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency.

The table below has pricing for each new Pure Power 11, SFX Power 3 and TFX Power 3 power supply:

Pure Power 11 FM 550W €89.90 $89.90 £79.99
Pure Power 11 FM 650W €99.90 $99.90 £89.99
Pure Power 11 FM 750W €114.90 $114.90 £105.99
SFX Power 3 300W €57.90 $54.90 £54.99
SFX Power 3 450W €69.90 $64.90 £64.99
TFX Power 3 Bronze 300W €57.90 $54.90 £54.99
TFX Power 3 Gold 300W €69.90 $64.90 £64.99

All of these units should be purchasable at retail starting from the 23rd of April. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

KitGuru Says: Are any of you planning a new PC build this year? Will you be considering one of be quiet!'s new power supplies for the job?

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