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Computex 2018: Seasonic’s System Cable Management Device and new PSUs

We couldn't wrap up Computex this year without first visiting the fine folks at Seasonic. This year, we had the chance to scope out a few new upcoming products. As you would expect, three of them were new power supplies, but we also had the chance to look at something a bit different too- a new System Cable Management Device, made in collaboration with Phanteks.

Seasonic's unreleased AI Touch power supply made a return this year. This unit has been ready to go for a while, complete with a five-way fan toggle that allows the user to switch between turbo, high, medium, low and silent cooling modes. This particular power supply has been floating around for a while now, but we currently don't know whether or not it will come to market.

Next up is Seasonic's Silent Snow series. These are fully modular, white power supplies, which come in both 80 Plus Gold and 80 Plus Titanium efficiency ratings depending on the model. The only downside to these ones is that you get standard black PSU cables in the box, so if you're after a completely white built, you will want to invest in some third-party sleeved cables.

Seasonic's budget-oriented ‘Focus' series is getting a new addition at some point this year with an SFX-L power supply. This is a smaller unit intended for ITX builds, but it still comes with all the trimmings thanks to the fully modular design and 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating. We are told that this PSU may launch in September.

Finally, we come to Seasonic's upcoming System Cable Management Device (SCMD). This is being developed in collaboration with Phanteks and as you can see in Leo's video above, it essentially acts as an extension for your power supply to make cable routing easier. The SCMD is implemented into a windowed case side panel, you take one cable from your PSU to the bottom of it, then you have sensibly placed connections for all of your hardware. This means you could buy shorter cables and have more direct, tidy cable runs throughout your system.

KitGuru Says: Some good stuff from Seasonic this year. I particularly like the cable management device, though I do wonder what case compatibility will be like. What do you guys think of Seasonic's offerings this year?

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