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Antec Earthwatts EA 750W green Review

This range is strictly aimed at a value oriented market and as such it is a success. The overhauled Delta design is very capable, stable and effective, delivering solid load regulation and high levels of efficiency for an 80 Plus Bronze Certified product.

Ripple and noise suppression are also good with this particular unit peaking around 50mV on the +12v output under full load, well within the rated specifications. We never tested the older model for a direct comparison but externally we like the new appearance. Not everyone will warm to the camouflage green paint, but we feel that it really stands out in such a crowded marketplace.

Negatively, we would like to see a semi modular design, especially since this unit would otherwise be attractive to the performance oriented media PC audience. That said, the price point and target market have to factored into the final conclusion. Additionally, the cables are unsleeved, which is slightly disappointing considering that other models we have reviewed before in a similar price bracket have been fully sheathed.

This product should hit retail at around £70-£80 including vat, meaning it is a relatively low cost option for a new system upgrade.


  • solid all round performance
  • efficiency is very good for 80 Plus Bronze
  • green paint enhances appearance compared to older ‘grey'
  • price point is competitive


  • cables are not sleeved
  • non modular design means it can get messy
  • AC power cable seems a strange omission, regardless of what Antec may claim.

KitGuru says: a very solid performer, at a decent price.

Edit: 25 May 2011: Antec informed us that retail models of this particular unit will come with a power cable.

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Rating: 8.5.

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