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Antec Earthwatts Platinum 650W PSU Review

The box is very understated, which appeals to me, although a slightly nicer image of the unit itself on the front of the box would have enhanced the appearance. 80 Plus Platinum certification is clearly seen top right of the box.

The bundle includes a regional specific power cable, mounting screws, user manual and cable tidy.

The power supply is protected under a very thin, clear wrap and sandwiched between two cardboard protective side panels. A thick paper piece holds it all together. Not the most sophisticated packaging, I will admit.

The Antec Earthwatts Platinum 650W is not a modular design and there are two thick groupings of cables emerging from the chassis. The hole is rubber protected which is good to see.

Cable Connectors
ATX Connector (20+4) x1 (540mm)
CPU 4+4 pin x1 (600mm)
PCI E 8 pin (6 pin +2) x2 (540mm + 155mm)
Sata power connectors 3 (520mm + 150mm)
(+1 molex at end)
Sata power connectors 3 (520mm + 150mm)
Peripheral 4 pin (molex) 3 (+1 above)
Floppy connector x1

A little disappointing in regards to PCI connectors. They only include 2 connectors, which would count it out for a mid range SLI or Crossfire system, needing four. The ATX cable could be a little longer also, meaning it often won’t stretch in a super tower case, without an extender.

The large fan rests off center at the top of the chassis. Along the side the rear panel is fully vented to aid air flow. There is a power connector and switch at the side.

Antec Earthwatts Platinum 650W
DC Output
+12V2 +12V3 +12V4
Max Output
30A 30A 30A
Total Power 105W 576W 3.6W 15W

The supply has a total of four rails with 30A rated specifications. The combined power between these however is 576W, which is a little low for a 650W supply.

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