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Antec Earthwatts Platinum 650W PSU Review

Antec are using a Yate Loon fan, model number D12BH-12. This is a ball bearing fan which we have seen in several other quality supplies in the last year.

FSP are the OEM involved in the design of this power supply. Due to the rated efficiency, they have been able to use small heatsinks, which are scattered around the PCB in various positions. This uses the Active Clamp Reset Forward topology, in able to achieve Platinum efficiency.

The transient filtering stage uses two Y caps at the AC receptacle. Further down the PCB are two more pairs of Y and X caps and two CM chokes.

The primary capacitor is by CapXon, a reasonable quality company based in China. This capicator is only rated to 85c, 420V and 390µF. Antec and FSP could have used a 105c rated higher grade Japanese capacitor here, so again, a little disappointing. They are using two toroidal chokes on the secondary side.

On the secondary side, FSP are using several capacitors from CapXcon, Rubycon and Nippon Chemi-Con, these are all rated to 105c.

All the cables are fully sleeved into the chassis, which is reassuring as it will help negate long term concerns in regards to fraying.

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