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Antec High Current Gamer 900W Power Supply Review

The Antec High Current Gamer 900W Power Supply is shipped inside a soft felt pouch to offer a high level of shipping protection. This can be resealed later if you need to store the product. This particular supply is not a modular design, so all the cables are wrapped within a heavy duty cable tie.

The Antec HCG-900 is rated to supply a continuous output of 900 Watts at 35c internal case air temperature. This is a reasonable rating, but the higher end products are fully rated to sustain their maximum load within 50c environmental conditions. This shouldn’t be an issue for many people, unless you are living in an extremely hot environment, then the more expensive unit might make a little more sense.

We like the red and black appearance, even if it isn’t quite as sexy as the more expensive High Current Pro range.

The exhaust grill takes up a full side of the chassis, this ensures a high level of heat dissipation.

It is always reassuring to see a large fan incorporated. In this case, a 135mm unit. It looks like a double ball bearing design but we will know more when we open it later.

Being a non modular design means you have to deal with all the cables, all the time. The HCG 900 is supplied with a plethora of cabling, all covered with black plastic mesh sleeving.

Interestingly, there is only one 8 pin EPS12V connector instead of two and only four PCI-E connectors, when we would expect six. We would assume four to be enough for most people, however if you have a requirement for more connectors then you need to opt for the higher ‘Pro Series’ range (it has six).

There is a total of 70.8 amps of current available from the 12V combined output of 850 watts.

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