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Antec High Current Gamer 900W Power Supply Review

A high quality 135mm ADDA fan (ADN512UB-A90), which is automatically controlled via an onboard controller. This double bearing fan is rated for .44A when operating at 12 VDC.

Immediately we were impressed by the exceptionally clean layout – something we expect from Antec before it is even opened. A Delta design incidentally, for those interested.

The AC receptable has two Y capacitors soldered to it.

All capacitors onboard are Nippon Chemi-Con, there is one we found which is a high quality Rubycon unit. PWM controller is a CM-6800G. The Two Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors used on the primary side are rated 330uF, 420V and to 85c. Nippon Chemi-Con caps are also used on the secondary side, good attention to detail throughout.

All cabling is fully sleeved inside the unit to protect against fraying over long term use. We can’t fault the internal design of this product.

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