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BeQuiet Dark Power Pro P10 550W PSU Review

The 135mm SilentWings 2 fan. This fan is a fluid dynamic bearing model with copper core. The fan is decoupled from the case which helps reduce vibrations and subsequent noise. This fan is rated to 1,500rpm with 0.22A of current. It demands 2.64W and produces a maximum of 62.74 CFM.

The design of the Dark Power Pro P10 550W is exceptionally clean with multiple rows of small black heatsinks separating the components. This supply is a new power conversion circuitry topology design. This particular model in the range is half bridge LLC resonant converter with DC to DC voltage stepdown.

The daughter PCB contains a control IC for the protection circuitry. The EMC/EMI filter is set to ensure immunity from radiation and conducted emissions.

The DC to DC daughter PCB handles the conversion to 3.3V and 5V from the 12V DC. Next to the main transformer is the OPP control coil for current detection.

The primary capacitors are rated 220uF, 450V. All capacitors in the unit are Japanese high grade, 105c rated. The power supply has OCP (over current protection), UVP (Undervoltage protection), OVP (Overvoltage protection), SCP (Short Circuit safeguard), OTP (Temperature Safeguard) and OPP (overload protection).

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