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BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 530W CM Review

The BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 530W CM is finished to very high standards, identical to the other units we have tested in this series before. The paintwork is hard to scratch and it passes our ‘rough handling’ test, which involves running a screwdriver head along the surface with a little pressure. It does however attract fingerprints, although they can be removed easily with a cloth.

The top of the power supply looks great, with the large fan hidden behind a black grill, with orange ‘racing trim’. The orange trim is not just an appearance oriented inclusion as it is elastic, to reduce vibrations.

We love the ‘be quiet!’ logo on the side of the chassis. It is subtle but under certain light it can be clearly seen, as shown above.

The rear of the power supply is vented to help improve airflow. There is a power button and connector at the side.

The modular panel is colour coded for ease of installation. There are only a handful of cables however so it would be difficult to get confused.

Be Quiet! Pure Power L8 530W
DC Output
Max Output
Total Power 120W 480W (40A) 3.6W 15W

Both +12V output can deliver 40A of power in total, enough for a high powered graphics card.

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