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Streaming site Own3D is going under, deleting all VODs

Own3D, one of the bigger names in online game streaming for the past few years, has announced that it plans to close its doors for good at some point today, as well deleting all recorded and uploaded streams, prompting many to begin mass downloads in an effort to save the content.

Apparently Own3D has been in trouble for quite some time. It's struggled to monetise the service and with increased competition from the likes of Twitch, it just hasn't been able to make ends meat.

I guess they won't be "owning" much in the future. Get it?

In a blog post on the company's site last night it said: “Own3D and its management, having evaluated the future of own3D, have decided to cease operations on January 31st, 2013. As the first livestreaming portal for gamers own3D had a turbulent start with unexpected growth. We have tried to drive the company into profitability but due to the capital intensive nature of our industry and increasing competition, we have not been able to reach it despite our best efforts.”

While the statement signed off with a big thank you to those that had used the service, as well as anyone that had helped build Own3D into what it was, there is a further sad note in the fact that all VODs will soon be deleted. This will happen within 24 hours and they won't be coming back.

So if you have a favourite video that you want to keep or at least want to view once or twice more any time in the future, it would be a good idea to back it up, as it won't be there for much longer.

KitGuru Says: Always sad to see a pioneer come to the end of its days, especially in this case since streaming is becoming such a big thing in Esports these days. I even talked about it yesterday.

Any of you have favourite videos you'll be rushing to backup?

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