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BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 530W CM Review

Be quiet! are using one of their proprietary sleeve bearing fans – the Silent Wings BQT T12025-MS-16. This is a 120mm unit which is rated to a maximum of 23.8 dBa at 100% load (1,455 rpm).

This is an HEC Active PFC design, which is unusual for Be Quiet! who tend to work with FSP. It isn’t the cleanest finished build but the design is capable and soldering quality is excellent. The PCB supports two +12V rails. There is a daughter card shielded behind a protective strip. This IC supports OCP for a dual +12V rail configuration and all other protection standards. Over Temperature Protection is handled by an additional circuit.

Behind the AC receptacle is a small PCB with part of the transient filtering stage, two Y caps and a single X cap. On the main PCB are an MOV, one X cap, two Y caps and three chokes.

The primary stage capacitor is a CapXon unit rated 400V 330uF @ 105c. This is interesting as previous Pure Power L8 supplies we have looked at (430W and 630W versions) used 85c rated Teapo capacitors. Secondary capacitors are by Teapo. A modular PCB also houses some of the capacitors.

The IC on the board supports OCP for two +12V rails and all the other protections. (over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power). The hardwired cables are all sleeved and tied well into the chassis to help protect against fraying.

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  • Eran

    Sexy design and great products. German engineering at its best 🙂

  • Tttt

    I own a bequiet cooler, bequiet power supply and bequiet fans. I love them. They need to make some new high grade cases with the same black and orange trimming. please?

  • John

    I suggested the 630W of this range to my friend but he opted for a 1000W. people dont understand that no one needs a 1000W unless you have a very very high end system.

    Bequiet/Seasonic/Corsair – rock.