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Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 600W Power Supply Review

Rating: 9.0.

The Power Supply market is very healthy with a wealth of offerings for all user demands. Today we are focusing on the enthusiast user who wants maximum efficiency combined with the lowest possible noise for a performance gaming or media center.

The Cooler Master Silent Pro GOLD 600W power supply is built to the most demanding standards with 80 Plus GOLD certification, aimed at the high end of the market, costing £100 inc vat.

  • Heat Transfer Technology
    A unique “L-shaped” heat-sink to remove heat from the PSU
  • Hybrid Transformer
    Unique design that combines heat-sink with transformer
  • Hyper Path
    Places IC close to transformers leading to huge efficiency ratings
  • Flat modularized cables provide easy cable management leads to better airflow
  • Compliance with the latest Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3
  • Operation with intelligent fan speed control
  • High reliability (MTBF> 100,000 hours)
  • Multiple protection design (OVP/UVP/OPP/OTP/SCP/OCP)
  • Japanese-made capacitors
  • Five-year warranty

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  • Benjamin

    That looks stunning, love the gold. its not like the enermax colour which was blinding,. its more a bronze/gold. duller. tech results are great too.

  • Tim

    I think this one looks even nicer than the corsair AX products. same kind of font usage as was pointed out.

  • Tech head

    92% at mid way load is a fantastic result. shame it gets louder over 80% load, but its to be expected really. I think this would make for a marvellous high end media center PSU. inaudible. but I wonder if the 750W corsair would be just as good as the fan wont spin at all under normal circumstances.

  • Tim

    Cable management looks great. internal L shaped heatsink design is an interesting concept and seems to make sense as it would direct the heat outwards.

  • Kelly

    Good review, thanks for the testing. never found a good review of this one.

  • Raymond

    Very nice hardware indeed. I think its a little overpriced though.

  • Tech head

    Its not overpriced at all. you need to look past the wattage rating to the 80 plus gold certification. Thats what costs them, to get the output to these standards. 99 quid isnt half bad.

  • kingbusoms

    Brought one of these along with a GTX 460, I’ve had nothing but problems with it unfortunately, the pc constantly locks up with it and isn’t that quiet even running simple 2d. I’d have thought the rated 48A rail would be more than enough to run a single GTX 460 .

  • Why are you certain it is the PSU ? have you tested the same system with another supply?

  • kingbusoms

    Its pretty obvious this psu was the problem in my case when an alternative 600w psu was tested and the system became stable and quiet .
    It runs ok with the 8500GT but the GTX 460 gave it major problems

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