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Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850W Power Supply Review

The Cooler Master fan is actually made by Young Lin Tech Co Ltd. We have seen this fan used in other Cooler Master power supplies, although this time Cooler Master have ‘branded’ it with their own sticker. The fan is rated to 2,000 rpm, with an airflow of 82.41 CFM generating a maximum noise level of 37.98 dBa.

Cooler Master have partnered with Enhance for this specific design. They are using several rows of large heatsinks to cover the full length of the PCB. We would assume they are playing it safe by using large heatsinks to help ensure that the large fan can spin as slowly as possible, especially if a user lowers the fan rotation speed with manual settings.

The Silent Pro Hybrid 850W uses a single X and two Y Caps on the AC receptacle. There are two pairs of Y and X caps, an MOV, two CM chokes and a thermistor on the main PCB.

The design uses two primary capacitors rated 330 uF, 420V @ 105c.

The main transformer is a hybrid design combining the transformer and heatsink into a single entity. This should mean higher efficiency due to reduced temperatures and transformer size.

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