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Corsair AX1200 Power Supply Review

As we have seen on many high quality power supplies recently, the fan of choice is a Yate Loon model. This particular one is the D14BH-12 which is rated at 12v 0.7A. This is very similar (from memory) to what I remember inside the previous HX1000W.

This power supply is unlike any design we have seen before as the printed circuit board design is very unusual. The AX1200 utilises DC-DC converters for the 3V3, 5V0 and +12 rail, this is clearly to help increase overall unit efficiency.

The images above show the heavy duty cables for the 0V return and the board in front of the 0V return cables is the DC-DC converter for the +12V Rail.

The heatsink layout is very interesting with most of them in the area of the fan above which wisely ensures that the airflow will be strong to keep things in check. The image above, bottom right is the rear end of the 5VSB circuit board.

image courtesy of Corsair

The overall design is very clean with an unusual topology design from Flextronics.

The primary side is home to the majority of the input filtering along the back edge of the PCB right next to the exhaust area. These primary side power components are connected to heatsinks between the coils and capacitors. The unit also is supplied with a line filtered AC receptacle, which is similar to many high grade server units. These incorporate many components found in a standard AC transient filter and places them all into a single box as well as the receptacle itself.

Special mention also goes to soldering on the unit which is some of the finest we have yet to see.

The capacitors used for the PFC stage are Nichicon based rated at 420v 470uF 105C. This Corsair unit boosts efficiency by minimising the loss in the PFC stage by switching the primary power on and off when the cycle is at 0 voltage and 0 current.

The secondary stage uses a synchronous rectification DC-DC Design – it uses DC-DC VRM’s for the minor rails and also for the 12V rail. The PCB is a 4 layer design which means it will deliver lower resistance. Corsair also deserve some credit for component selection as they are using highest grade Rubycon electrolytics. We also noticed several shunt resistors on the design which we assume means that Corsair could add a switch for multirail selection.

The board down the right hand side in the first image above provides the +5VSB supply as well as fan speed control. There is also a board between the +5VSB board and one of the DC-DC converter boards which handles over current and over voltage regulation (Weltrend WT7527S).

The AX1200 uses a VRM design to handle the three primary rails. A single 1587A, two K0391’s and two K0394’s are seen above.

Above are some transient filtering components. A MOV, four V capacitors, two coils and two X capacitors.

In case you missed it earlier, there is a double VRM for the 12V rail – on each side is a 2812 controller.

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