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Corsair AX1200 Power Supply Review

The HX series from Corsair paved the path for others to follow and while many have caught up to this elusive model, Corsair have just released a power supply that has blown everything out of the water, and then some. The AX1200W power supply from Corsair isn’t just their best unit, its easily the best power supply on the market right now and we think it will be some time before we see results like these again. We were so surprised with some of the results that we reran them multiple times over a period of several days – just in case our eyes, and testing equipment were playing tricks with us.

The efficiency ratings are off the charts, with results over 93% between 600 and 900W and over 90% even at full load. These really are staggering results which we never thought we would see, not for some years anyway.

Ripple is class leading, there is no doubt about it and most of the time the rails just hold a flat line, as if its just died on the test bench. Rail stability is another of the many strong points with miniscule movement even under heavy cross loading.

When you see a KitGuru lab technican with an incredulous smile on his face as he says “Hey, this is holding at 1545W!” you realise that this is something very special indeed. It is a modern day work of art. It would have scored 10/10 but we have to leave a little room for their next unit, because as incredible as it sounds, it might be even better.

The only downside is the asking price – Scan in the UK are taking preorders and it will set you back £245 inc vat when it is released next month … which to be perfectly honest is actually a very good price for a unit which has redefined just what is possible from a high end power supply.

KitGuru says: Redefines the high end market.

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Rating: 9.5.

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