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Corsair Professional Series AX1200i Power Supply Review

Very dramatic artwork from the Corsair team, focusing on a moody, angled shot of the fan on the power supply. The company mention the Platinum certification with some key points listed bottom left of the box.

The outer shell of the box is a gatefold design with some information on the cabling and a semi transparent view of the design. The inner box contains a selection of peripherals along with the main unit.

The bundle contains a user manual, Corsair chassis badge, large felt bag of modular cables, cable tidies and mounting screws.

Corsair also include a Corsair LINK interface module, which is connected to the power supply for direct access. This is a ‘server-inspired’ diagnostic tool which can record and monitor real time efficiency, power usage and adjustment of the fan profiles. The power supply can also be configured as a multi rail device with individual PCI-E over current protection trip points. More on this later in the review.

Corsair bundle a series of high grade 18AWG cables with this unit, some of which are sleeved. The peripheral cabling are all flat ribbon style which will help maximise air flow throughout the chassis.

Above a list of the cables including the length. The main chassis is a pure modular design, so no cables are hardwired.

Corsair include two EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin cables and six 6+2 pin PCI-E cables. All of the cables are long enough to work inside a large full tower case.

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  • Joe

    thats a really good design. nice idea, but im honestly not sure id want to play with changing Amps on the 12V. single rail is surely the best solution, no?

  • Davis

    Nice overall package, but its very highly priced. Are they bringing out an 850W? should hit a sweet spot around £175.

  • Darth Diggler

    No stock anywhere yet…

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