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Corsair Professional Series AX1200i Power Supply Review

One of the main talking points with this latest AX1200i Power Supply is the connection with the Corsair Link Dashboard 2 software. This can be downloaded directly from the Corsair website.

Above, the Corsair Link dongle has to be hooked into the power supply and then connected to a free USB port on the motherboard. All the cables are supplied in the box.

Above, an overview of the main software panel. The software defaults to a Corsair case, however you can upload an image of your own, or use another of the presets. It uses the temperature sensors of connected devices to give a list of everything attached. We used a Solid State drive so the HDD Temp1 variable didn’t show.

Above an overview of some of the other panels included with the software package. If the USB dongle isn’t connected correctly, then the ‘power tab’ won’t show.

Above, an overview of the power menu which we lifted from the Corsair V2 beta user guide. The top area (marked 1) in this, shows real time efficiency levels. On the left is the actual efficiency, and on the right is a graph that shows it as it changes. This is calculated from the power input and power output displayed in section 2.

Corsair say that accuracy swings might sometimes cause inaccurate results, such as 80% or 100%. This is a limitation of the monitoring technique rather than a problem with the power supply.

There is also a real time power section which gives a rough indication of how much power the system is draining at the socket.

There is also a voltage regulation and power draw section underneath (4) which highlights the current voltage regulation on the 24 pin, +12V rail, AC Input (MAIN), peripheral +12V connectors (SATA and Molex) and the 3.3V and 5V rails. Corsair claim that voltage regulation is accurate to within 2% either way.

Section 5 at the bottom is the over current protection section. The AX1200i by default is set to a single rail implementation, although you can manually override this to independent +12V rails. You can adjust the connector OCP point between 20A and 40A – per connector (not per device).

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