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Corsair RM650 Power Supply review

Corsair are using a new 135mm fan – model number NR135L. The company have said that the custom designed fan has an optimised blade profile for low turbulence airflow and near silent operation, even at full speed. The fan is rated for 0.22A at 12VDC.
The overall build quality is quite high and there is plenty of space around the PCB for air to circulate. They look to be using CWT as their partner for this particular design.
This power supply uses DC to DC converters to create the 3.3V and 5V output from the +12V rail. The daughter card can be seen in some of the images.
Corsair are using high grade 105C Japanese capacitors throughout. The primary capacitor is rated 470uF, 400V @ 105c. The secondary side uses Japanese electrolytic capacitors for filtering, alongside some solid polymer capacitors mounted on the DC to DC converter board.

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