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Corsair TX 750W V2 Power Supply Review

The fan is a Yate Loon D14BH-12 140mm unit which can spin up to 2,800 rpm while pushing 140CFM. The maximum noise is rated by the manufacturer up to 48.5 dBa, but we doubt it will get close to this, even under full load. This is however a seriously high performance fan and a great choice by Corsair. The same fan is used in the TX850W V2.

The overall design of the power supply is very clean with oversized heatsinks helping to ensure that temperatures remain within parameters. The 750W TX V2 is tested and guaranteed to deliver its rated specifications at an ambient temperature of 50c.

The 750W Corsair uses a 400/220uF and a 400/330uF capacitor, rated to 105c. The TX V2 series utilises under and over voltage protection to ensure that the 3.3v, 5v and 12v outputs do not exceed specific levels, potentially causing damage. Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection and Over power protection are also incorporated along with Short Circuit protection to shut down the PSU if any of the rails short.

The cabling is fully sleeved for protection against long term fraying, and it is secured with cable ties.

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