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XFX offer HD6990 warranty support for ‘OC’ Mode

KitGuru was the site to break the news last week that AMD were not supporting the HD6990 when the bios switch was placed into the performance ‘OC’ position. Today AMD released their official statement verifying that warranty would in fact not be supported if the hardware failed in the overclocked position.

KitGuru spoke with AMD partner XFX this morning and they wanted to assure their customers that they will be fulfilling the warranty, even if AMD aren’t.

XFX told Kitguru:

XFX will warranty the 880Mhz OC Usage as per our usual RMA terms, as long as there is no Consumer Induced Damage etc, as per our usual terms and process for RMA’s…

XFX strongly believe that if you add a performance enhancing switch which allows the end user to  ENHANCE THE CARDS PERFORMANCE, WE Believe it is only right to warranty this benefit,

Further to this, if you wish to guarantee total stability of overclocked product, XFX recommend that consumers use our performance range of XFX range of Power supplies, offering our true wattage guarantee, and easyrail technology, with the best pairing being 750w onwards both core and Modular editions.

Full warranty support. We love it.

If you want to check out XFX’s power supply range, Kitguru has reviewed them all. 450w/550w, 650w, 750w, 850w.

KitGuru says: So there you have it, one of AMD’s partners have stepped up to offer their customers full support. We expect other AMD partners to follow suit.

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  • Chris

    Well thats what you call good customer support. I am sure everyone else will do it. slowly. but kudos to XFX for breaking it out first.

  • Raymond

    10/10 XFX. 1/10 for AMD. this should never have happened. at least XFX realise it.

  • Fatty arbuckle

    Lets hope this doesnt cost XFX a ton of money. if the cards fail, its going to cost XFX. although by the looks of the fan, its loud intentionally to keep it cooler than the last generation which would fail.

  • Thomas

    I would assume a lot of system builders will be using XFX cards now after reading this too.

  • Erik

    I still dont see the need for an AMD partner to warranty the product, it should be covered as its sold. I can understand if the end user flashes it himself, but its supplied with the bios flashed in the first place. by the company who make it.

    Nice move from XFX< hopefully it embarasses AMD to rethink this stupid idea.