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Cougar GX 800W Power Supply Review

Cougar are using a Power Logic fan which is made in China, model number PLA14025S12M EP. This is a 9 blade ‘hydro-dynamic bearing’ model rated 12V/0.40A.

As we mentioned earlier, Cougar power supplies are built by HEC. Soldering and build quality is good, although not quite in the same league as the Seasonic units we have reviewed in recent months. The hardwired cables are fully sleeved into the chassis to help prevent long term fraying.

The AC filtering stage starts with two Y and an X capacitor. It continues with two bidirectional breakdown diodes, two more X capacitors and two Y capacitors and two coils. The image above right shows the PWM controller (CM6802 based).

The primary capacitor is high grade, by Panasonic. It is rated 105c 560uF 420V. Most of the secondary capacitors are made by Teapo. 12V filtering is also handled by Teapo aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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