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Enermax Revolution 85+ 1020W Power Supply Review

The Enermax 1020W power supply arrives in an attractively designed box which is very understated.

Opening up the main outer box we are presented with two smaller packages, one contains the modular cables and felt based cable ties and the other the power supply itself with manuals and other information.

The bundle is comprehensive, Enermax ship a felt pouch to store unused cables and they also supply literature detailing the unit as well as other products in their range. We are quite pleased to see the inclusion of a 120mm case fan which is LED based. There is also a little clip which Enermax are calling ‘CordGuard’ – to protect the cable from being easily removed.

There is a sticker included as well as 4 screws to mount the PSU inside a case. We are pleased to see a UK plug included with this unit rather than a european model we often see bundled. The power supply is modular based and all of the cables are colour coordinated to ensure correct fitting. The majority of them are braided sleeve design which is good to note.

Both 920W and 1020W models are shipped with the same amount of cables as can be seen in the table above.

The Revolution 85+ has remained true to the previous design ethic – a beautifully finished, graphite coloured chassis with a smooth red accent around the fan area at the top. The PSU is 17.5x15x8.6cm and weighs 2.4kg (50g more with modular cables all connected).

The rear of the PSU features a power on/off switch, 3 pin power connector socket and a large grill to allow for the passage of air.

The graphite rear is home to a sticker which details the specifications of the supply.

Model/DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 -12V 5Vsb Peak Power Total Power
ERV1020EWT 24A 24A 35A 35A 35A 35A 0.5A 3A 1120W 1020W
120W 1020W (85A) 6W 15W

Each of the four 12V rails can deliver 35A.

The native wiring on the rear is braided – the connectors are 24 pin, two 12V CPU (1×8, 2×4) and two 8 pin PCIe connectors. There are only a handful of connectors here which is good to see, as the majority of the connectors are focused on the modular section to the right.

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