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Enermax Revolution 85+ 1020W Power Supply Review

The fan is a 13.9cm Twister Bearing model – KitGuru has reviewed several fans in this family in the past. This PD1402512H fan is manufactured by Power Cooler (Enermax subsidiary) and it is a DC 12v/0.75A model. Enermax rate this model as having a 2,000 maximum rpm threshold, normally running between 850 and 1,400 rpm.

Enermax have been keen to announce their ‘AirGuard’ design which used a patented air inlet system with ‘optimal aero dynamical design’, reducing noisy air turbulences. The housing around the air vent is bent to the inside, closing the gap in between the inside and fan frame, so less air can get in between them. This effectively reduces noise levels by 1-2 dBa. More on this later.

‘Heat Guard’ is another technology Enermax incorporate which forces the fan to operate at approximately 1,200 RPM for between 30 to 60 seconds after the system has been turned off. The idea is that warm ambient air will be expelled from the chassis, therefore enhancing the product life span.

Internally the unit is well designed with several large heatsinks seperating main sections of the physical area and allowing for good heat transference. The heatsinks are well positioned to receive good internal airflow from the 13.9mm fan above and to aid with cooling efficiency.

This unit has a very high standard of soldering throughout and comprises three coils, an MOV, two X capacitors and four Y capacitors. Behind the modular PCB is a polymer capacitor.

Enermax are using high grade Rubycon capacitors. The 12V output area consists of six IRFB3206’s as well as a SR860 Schottky for VSB – these are bolted to the heatsink.

The 3.3V and 5V voltage regulator units get their power from the primary 12 V output. This is split into overcurrent protection feeding the four 12V rails. The secondary side (above) which is formed around Nippon Chemi Con electrolytics and polymer capacitors.

While the 12V is split into 4 rails, they are rated at 35A each which is more than enough to feed any graphics cards on the market today. The unit has also passed certification at 85% efficiency at 20% and 100% load – giving it a 80 Plus Silver rating.

Fully sleeved inside the unit with a rubber housing to protect against any possible cable damage

The 920W model has a 99.13% 12V output PSU rating and the model we are testing today is a 100% model. There is also built in under and over voltage protection should any fault develop during the products life span. This ensures that the 3.3v/5v and 12v outputs do not surpass a specific point. Over Current protection is in place to ensure voltage stays within specific parameters. Over Temperature protection is in place to cause a forced shutdown for safety reasons if the temperature exceeds a specific point. Short Circuit protection is included to power off the supply should the 3.3v, 5v or 12v rails short.

Lastly Enermax have been focusing on C6 and Hybrid Mode support. C6 is a processor state which can drop the processor to use 1w in power saving mode. Without proper support for this however a power supply may have problems maintaining stable voltages in such a low power draw state.

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