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Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W PSU Review (XP3)

Nothing fancy – the Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W is shipped in a rather understated white box, with a small image of the product bottom right.
Inside, the power supply is protected between two thick foam panels. The cables are all stored in a cardboard box at one side. The power supply is also protected inside a soft, white, felt bag.
A little reference sheet is included giving a recommendation for cable power connection to graphics cards. Basically if you are using a graphics card which takes more than 225watts under load then use two separate PCIe power cables rather than two headers on a single cable.
Seasonic include some thick felt ties, some plastic ties, a regional specific power cable and a user manual. There are also some mounting screws for the system build.
The main motherboard power cable is sleeved, however all other cables are the flat ‘ribbon' style, which proves popular with system builders who have to route a plethora of cables behind a motherboard tray. The quality of all the cables is excellent.

Cable Connectors
MB 20+4 pin x1 (590mm)
CPU 4+4 pin x1 (650mm)
CPU 8 pin x1 (650mm)
PCI E 8 pin (6 pin +2) x8 (600mm)
SATA x12 (530mm+150mm+150mm)
SATA x2 (530mm+150mm)
MOLEX x3 (550mm+150mm+150mm)
MOLEX x2 (350mm+150mm)

The cables are all high grade flat ribbon style to help with the routing phase of the system build. The main MB 20+4 cable is sleeved. There are a total of 14 SATA connectors, meaning this power supply is also ideal for a massive storage server system. Those running a high end SLi or Crossfire rig will be happy to note a total of eight 6+2 pin PCI e connectors.

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