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Seasonic X-Series 650W KM3 Power Supply Review

Seasonic changed their box artwork when they introduced the KM3 range, although the concept idea is still the same. Seasonic always produce very subtle, understated artwork which we like.

The X-Series 650W KM3 is well protected between thick foam and is wrapped inside a felt bag for further protection. It would be difficult to damage this product during transit.

The bundle includes cable ties, a user manual, a regional specific power cable and a felt bag with two pouches. The modular cabling is stored in these.

Seasonic have changed their cabling, which we noticed when we tested the 850W KM3 in December last year. The adoption of flat ‘ribbon’ style cables will please a large audience as they are better for air circulation. The company are still using high grade 18 AWG cables.

This power supply ships with four 6+2 pin PCI E cables, ideal for dual card Crossfire or SLI systems. The 20+4 pin ATX connector and 4+4 pin EPS/ATX12V cables are 650mm long.

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  • Black Mamba

    Excellent, as we would expect by now !

  • harris

    My only problem with Seasonic is the pricing, they may be great, but I can’t afford the products of theirs I want to buy, I have to get cheaper.

  • Alex

    I have their last 650W PSU and I am happy with it. I always thought ribbon cabling was worse than the fat sleeved cabling, but I was clearly wrong.

  • Stevie

    Great company, always buy their products, and they last many many years, never had a seasonic fail. wise to see corsair and other companies using their designs.

  • Ivan

    Just ordered one as I needed a new 650w, my thermaltake 750w died and it was noisy too.

    THanks for review

  • Darth Digglers

    Bah! Newegg dont list these as KM2 or KM3, what a mess. they needed to change the name to R2 or something so retailers would list them properly. they are all falling under the X series name, which is a mess.

  • djoCC22

    i 1 it!!! great product but not great price for me.. i need titanium cert…..