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Seasonic X-Series 650W KM3 Power Supply Review

Seasonic are using a very high grade 120mm Sanyo Denki San Ace fan (9S1212F404) – the same fan they are using in the 850W KM3. This fan uses dual ball bearings to enhance life span and reliability. It is constructed around 7 blades which are sculpted to reduce noise while maintaining a high level of airflow. This same model was also incorporated into the KM2 supply. We have no complaints as this is genuinely one of the best fans that money can buy.

The internal build and soldering quality is as good as we have seen. A stellar job by Seasonic.

Behind a metal shield is the AC receptacle unit. There are two Y caps, an X cap and a coil here. There is more transient filtering on the main PCB, two X caps, two Y caps, two coils and a TVS diode.

The VRM from both sides. They are using the APW7159 controller.

There are two Bridge Rectifiers in this unit – marked GBJ1506. The PFC Section has two MOSFET’s and a single diode.

Seasonic are using Hitachi electrolytic capacitors and Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors on the primary and secondary stages respectively.

The outputs of the unit are monitored by an integrated circuit which supports over voltage, under voltage and over current protection. There are four OCP channels, two for +12V, one for +5V and another for +3.3V.

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  • Black Mamba

    Excellent, as we would expect by now !

  • harris

    My only problem with Seasonic is the pricing, they may be great, but I can’t afford the products of theirs I want to buy, I have to get cheaper.

  • Alex

    I have their last 650W PSU and I am happy with it. I always thought ribbon cabling was worse than the fat sleeved cabling, but I was clearly wrong.

  • Stevie

    Great company, always buy their products, and they last many many years, never had a seasonic fail. wise to see corsair and other companies using their designs.

  • Ivan

    Just ordered one as I needed a new 650w, my thermaltake 750w died and it was noisy too.

    THanks for review

  • Darth Digglers

    Bah! Newegg dont list these as KM2 or KM3, what a mess. they needed to change the name to R2 or something so retailers would list them properly. they are all falling under the X series name, which is a mess.

  • djoCC22

    i 1 it!!! great product but not great price for me.. i need titanium cert…..