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Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200W PSU Review

The Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200W uses a Global Fan (model RL4Z B1352512HH-3M). This is a 135mm x 135mm x 25 mm unit with eleven blades. It is a ball bearing design rated at 12v, 0.45A. The image above shows a partial plastic covering which is designed to force air in a specific direction over the components.

This is a modified High Power/Sirfa design. There are many black heatsinks inside which separate the components – it is crammed inside the limited space. The overall design is very clean and soldering quality is good.

The AC receptacle houses the transient filtering stage – there are two Y caps and a X cap here. The main PCB is home to a single X and two Y Caps, two chokes and an MOV. The primary capacitors are supplied by Nippon Chemi Con and are rated at 470µF each, 400V @ 105c.

The secondary side synchronous design is used with two DC-DC converters for the production of the minor rails. Nippon Chemi Con and Rubycon are also responsible for most of the polymer and electrolytic capacitors in the secondary stage.

The daughter card pictured above controls the iPower Meter thanks to a micro controller which can be seen on the right side of the PCB.

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  • Xtreme

    Not bad, but yeah its outclassed by others, so the price needs to drop to reflect that.

  • Davis

    If anyone is buying this, I recommend AMAZON as they have a great returns policy,. I dont know how the warranty would work in the UK

  • Manacuna

    for those who dont know, this is under the ‘GEIL’ umbrella……

  • James

    This is one of the worst power supplies ever made it literately has so much ripple it will ruin all your components. You have lost any credibility with me saying this is worth considering. Look at what TTL customs / overclock3d said on this for actual honest indepth review.

  • Manacuna

    James – seems to get quite a lot of good reviews on some sites too. Techpowerup reviewed it and it did well.

    Looks like a decent PSU to me.

  • Eran

    James you are using overclock3d as a guideline for PSU reviews? wise up dude. Techpowerup reviewer is much better than them. havent read an OC3D PSU review in some time as Tom talks shit.

  • James

    Look if you overclock alot ripple is the one of thoses things you must totally avoid otherwise components get wrecked. Iv seen it first hand its totally observable its based in standard electronic engineering. If you wanna buy it go ahead but if you need 1.2kw psu you shouldnt cheap out because you going to have alot of tech on it. I have a 1.2kw enermax platimax for very good reason.

  • Jana

    My friend has this and its fantastic, had it since March this year. two 580s in SLI and rock solid!

    People dont understand the results in many PSU reviews, thats the problem. then we get a guy making a video who maybe had a bad one and everyone thinks they all blow up.

    I trust techpowerup and Kitguru over that.

  • harris

    I agree this PSU has problems, techpowerup recorded fairly high ripple, like this review but its well within the rated specs listed by the industry. thats not an opinion, its a hard cold fact by the industry who set out ripple ratings.

    It is possible to get a bad power supply, ive had 2 corsair AX units fail on me, but they get great reviews and I haven’t stopped buying them.

    ive been reading techpowerup for years and CRMARIS is very good. his results are different to Kitguru, but close, especially with ripple. its all within spec.

  • Brian

    ENERMAX? I wouldn’t trust them to power my toaster. THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE TO GET REPLACEMENTS TOO!. don’t believe me, check out some threads http://www.google.co.uk/search?client=opera&q=enermax+failures&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&channel=suggest

    They are a disaster.

    Seasonic for me all the way, Enermax suck.

  • Warren

    @ James “Look if you overclock alot ripple is the one of thoses things you must totally avoid otherwise components get wrecked” – are you for real or having a laugh?

    Where did you read this? if it came from your preferred websites then you need to get a new reading source, because its total bollocks. EVERY power supply will emit some level of ripple. they have yet to make a power supply to produce 0 readings at full load on all +3.3V, +5 and +12V output rails.

    The rated parameters for safe ripple readings are

    +3.3V – no more than 50 mV
    +5V – no more than 50 mV
    +12V – no more than 120mV – applies to all, if there are more than one.

    So even if a power supply produces 90mV on +12v, its safe long term. its not ideal, sure, but things won’t suddenly ‘blow up’, unless you get a crap unit and it pops to 180mV. Most top class PSU’s are generally under 20 mV for +3.3V and +5 V at full load and +12V under 50 mV, but just because its a little more, doesnt mean they are dangerous. only if they break the tolerance guidelines set out by the industry listed above.

    In regards to this review, several sites have quoted very similar mV/ripple ratings which while far from ‘awesome’ are fine in everyday use.

    Before you start spouting crap best to get your facts right, otherwise you just sound like a total munchbucket.

    So much misfed nonsense in the power supply industry, such as people thinking a huge single +12V rail is the only design to buy etc.

    the only problem I have with power supply reviews is that these units are tested across a few days. ideally we would like to see 5 month long term tests in everyday use, b ut thats not logistical