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USB 3.0 off to a slow start but growing, thanks to AMD

USB 3.0 has been promoted heavily in recent months, but sales figures so far are not encouraging. According to market researchers In-Stat however this is due to change, very soon.

They are forecasting huge growth in the next year saying that close to 80 million peripherals should ship in the next 12 months with USB 3.0 support. According to their reports, this is thanks to AMD, who are releasing boards that integrate USB 3.0 into core logic chipsets.

Superfast USB 3.0 drives, we should start seeing more over the coming year.

Intel should step up soon by integrating USB 3.0 into the IvyBridge chipset next year. In-Stat’s Brian O’Rourke said that incorporating USB 3.0 into the core logic chipset is very important to market growth because “It allows notoriously cost-conscious PC OEMs to offer it for free.”

Kitguru says: Are you using a USB 3.0 device regularly? Does your motherboard even support it? share below in the comment section.

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