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more info leaks regarding iPad 3 2048×1536 display

Yesterday we reported on the upcoming iPad3 display, as our sources indicated Apple were making the move in 2012.

More information was shared yesterday that highlights a possible move, due to the twitter.framework within the iOS SDK having huge images, over twice the size needed for the current iPad display resolution.

“As I was going through the iOS SDK I came across some images in the new Twitter .framework. The resolution appears to be 1,536 x 2,048.

The Twitter.framework is the only framework I found to have these enormous images.”

Techunwrapped also say that the large images were only included in the Twitter section of the iOS SDK, a new part of the iOS codebase. This means that an iPad 3 will be released at the same time as the iOS 5 operating system.

The debate continues, that Apple will finally release a super high resolution panel or ‘retina’ screen with the iPad 3. They apparently wanted to with the iPad2, but the production time frame was too tight for them to include it.

Kitguru says: If so, we can see the sales going up significantly, but will the price also increase significantly?

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  • Nick

    I have the original ipad and I thought the iPad2 wasnt that big a deal really. I am waiting on V3. hopefully it will be a big enough upgrade for me to want to move.