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Not all USB type-C ports are equal: Nine versions of USB-C incoming

The reversible USB type-C connector is something that the industry has been waiting for since the introduction of the original USB bus in 1997. This year PCs, computer components and mobile devices finally started to incorporate USB-C receptacles, but not all implementations necessarily support all features introduced by the latest …

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Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB USB 3.0 Review

Kingston is already well known for its desktop RAM modules and Solid State Drives but they also make flash drives for those of you who need to back up data and take it on the go. Chances are, you have several USB sticks lying around already so what makes the …

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Microvue 8.0MP Digital Microscope review

Today we are looking at the Microvue, a USB 3.0 digital microscope created by CrystalVue. It comes equipped with an 8.0MP lens and has an optical zoom capable of magnifying objects up to 200 times. While typically microscopes have more professional uses, Crystalvue wants its device to appeal to hobbyists …

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Intel demonstrates reversible USB 3.1 type-C connector

Intel Corp. this week demonstrated the new reversible USB 3.1 type C connector that represents the future of the standard. The USB 3.1 type-C offers the same capabilities as the latest specifications do, but in a form-factor that is much more convenient to use. The key feature of the USB …

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WD debuts My Passport Pro dual-drive solution with Thunderbolt

Western Digital Corp. has announced its first portable storage solution featuring Thunderbolt interconnection. The My Passport Pro dual-drive storage device has user-selectable RAID functionality to deliver needed performance or reliability for the most demanding applications in the field, without the need for power adapters or extra cables. WD MyPassport Pro …

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Teratrend SST-TS431U 4-bay USB 3.0 Storage Tower Review

SilverStone is a company that you will most certainly have heard of. They produce a large range of Cases, Power Supplies and Storage devices. On the other hand, the name Teratrend probably won't mean much to you. Teratrend is a new division of SilverStone dedicated to delivering professional storage solutions. …

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USB 3.0 to get doubling speed boost


USB might be feeling a sting of jealousy due to Thunderbolt's transfer rates, but it isn't taking the development lying down. Sometime in the “middle of this year,” the USB 3.0 promoter group intends to make available a new standard of the platform, SuperSpeed USB, which will bring about a …

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USB 3.0 off to a slow start but growing, thanks to AMD

USB 3.0 has been promoted heavily in recent months, but sales figures so far are not encouraging. According to market researchers In-Stat however this is due to change, very soon. They are forecasting huge growth in the next year saying that close to 80 million peripherals should ship in the …

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Iomega release USB 3.0 External SSD drives

Iomega have just announced a new series of USB 3.0 external Solid State Drives, ranging in size from 64gb to 256GB. These new drives are based around an external enclosure offering superfast USB 3.0 speeds while remaining compatible with the older USB 2.0 interface. USB 3.0 is clearly the way …

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