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EVGA reveals new pair of NU Audio Pro soundcards

EVGA is releasing new NU Audio soundcards. The new Audio Pro family, made by EVGA in partnership with Audio Note, consists of two soundcards – the NU Audio Pro and the NU Audio Pro Surround – that together aim to deliver a top of the line sound experience. 

The NU Audio Pro is a stereo soundcard (+ 5.1 optical out) based on the previous NU Audio card with upgraded components when compared with its predecessor. The NU Audio Pro Surround is a soundcard that, when paired with the NU Audio Pro, is capable of delivering a 5.1 or 7.1 analog surround.

A new cover was added for a change of design and to give an enthusiast appearance. The Audio Note Seiryu (Azure Dragon) capacitors, exclusive to NU Audio Pro cards, were introduced to improve the audio quality in the whole frequency range, alongside new AVX F95 audio tantalum capacitors, to “lower distortion, create a darker background”, but still delivering a deep feeling to the audio. The Panasonic PPS type capacitors, from the NU Audio, were replaced by NP0 ceramic capacitors for better treble.

There is also a new headphone op-amp, an LT1469 for the headphones out port, which EVGA claims will improve the sound quality and feel, boosting the sound-stage and dynamics of the audio. RGB Lightning was added, to the NU Audio Pro only, in three different zones that are configurable to react to the audio playback. An EMS-shielding backplate was also attached to both cards, as it was the “most requested feature that didn’t make it to the NU Audio Card”.

The NU Audio Pro is powered by Nahimic, featuring “3D Audio for Gamers” for a virtual surround experience that enhances the sound positioning. It also comes with some QoL enhancements, like the Quick EQ menu for a quick touch on the sound, smart volume to limit the fluctuation, and noise suppression.

With these new features, there was a need to update the NU Audio Software. The app received new configuration options, a new page to control the RGB lighting on the NU Audio Pro, and “individual and linked channel volume controls”.

The NU Audio Pro cards will release December 20th. The NU Audio Pro 7.1 pack, which consists of both cards, is priced at $299.99. For more info about this set of soundcards, click HERE.

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