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KitGuru Prize Winner review: OCZ Vector 180 SSD

Now I do not claim to be an expert on SSDs, only ever owning the Crucial MX100 before this but I believe I know more than the average bear, especially after using them for a few months now.

I was always worried about moving over to SSD from HDD, thinking I would not know what I was doing technically to move files over, how to format the drive etc etc. But, boy am I glad I did eventually move over. It true what it says on the back of the VECTOR box, how on earth did I manage with a HDD as my main drive for so long?

For those of you poor souls still stuck on a HDD, whether through choice or not, I can assure you wholeheartedly that moving over to an SSD will be the best decision in your computing (and maybe your entire) life. Not only do speeds vastly improve in everything, from booting up, loading programs and games and generally just having a pleasant computing experience, but gone are the days of SSDs being inferior to HDD in terms of quality and failure rates.

Now is a great time to make the move and investing in a large drive such as the OCZ Vector 180 480Gb, you will be glad you saved all of those pennies and made the move. The speed will blow you away and the fact that you can store so much on the drive is an absolute god send, no matter what you do in your computing life. Not only this, but if you're a regular gamer, you will notice not only vastly improved loading times in your games but also an increase to FPS (frames per second) due to the fact that the drive isn't taking nearly as long to load game data and this I can personally vouch for.

OCZ have vastly improved their game and I can personally see OCZ being a real power player in the SSD market for many, many years to come. The quality, affordability, ease of use, ShieldPlus Warranty, features and everything else make this SSD an absolute dream to own and an investment I can whole heartedly tell you, you will never, ever regret making.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this review. If you would like to see the SSD in action facing off against a HDD so that you can personally see the difference in loading times for several games then please head over to my YouTube channel at Http://www.youtube.com/BetterGamerZone and watch my “Unboxing & Review” video of the OCZ Vector 180 480Gb SSD. Again, many thanks to KitGuru for giving me the chance to review this SSD and OCZ for making such a high quality drive. I am looking forward to using this drive for many years to come!

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