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Intel release V2.0 SSD Toolkit

Intel have released the new version of their Solid State Drive Toolbox which allows users of their drives a wealth of utilities to tweak performance and monitor drive health.

Version 2.0 incorporates new features such as the System Configuration Tuner and a Secure Erase feature. The Secure Erase feature will come as a welcome addition to people who have sensitive files they need to ensure are gone for good.

The System Configuration Tool however is an interesting addition as it ploughs through your Windows system configuration and makes tweaks to the OS to ensure maximum performance while keeping power efficiency at top levels and increasing drive endurance.

It tweaks Superfetch, Readyboost and pre fetch settings so we aren't sure what it does if users already have these settings tweaked in the first place. It only works with NTFS formatted drives and it won't work on RAID or Dynamic Disk configurations either. Specific laptops have been reported on various forums not to run the tool either – machines from Dell, HP and Acer to this point.

KitGuru says: A welcome addition or are you concerned about the tweaks?

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