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Amazon mock iPad glossy screen – Kindle better reading device

Amazon have released a new Kindle advertisement which mocks Apple's iPad while highlighting the low price of the third generation Kindle device.

The advertisement shows a man at the side of a pool trying to read an iPad. Unable to make out the writing he asks the women next to him how she is able to read her device in ‘this light'.

“It's a Kindle. 139 dollars. I actually paid more for these sunglasses,” the hot looking Kindle lady says with a smug look on her face.

The sunglasses comment bears significance to a quote from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos during an interview in which he said “At $139, some people spend more than that for their sunglasses”.

Bezos has said in the past that he isn't worried about the iPad saying that both can co-exist in a ‘multi device' world.

So what is the point of the Amazon advertisment? Well the Kindle uses E Ink technology which allows users to read without eye strain that often occurs when using an LCD backlit display. It also means that in higher light environments, its easier to read. Being the owner of an iPad I have to agree, that Apple's device is less than stellar as a reading device when outdoors on a bright day.

KitGuru says: We think Amazon have a point and we also feel if you want to just read books and magazines then the Kindle is a very viable platform.

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