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240GB OCZ SSD drops under £140

In the words of Michael Corleone, “Everytime we think we’ve found a way out – they pull us back in”. In the case, the gravity is being provided by SSD assassins OCZ working in ninja-like partnership with reseller Aria and OcUK. KitGuru pushes aside the more expensive deals from the likes of Dabs and stays focused on the goal.

With its Sandforce SF-2281 controller, the OCZ Agility 3 drives can pull in data at up to 500MB/sec and spit it back out a little quicker, at 550MB/sec. Adding something like this to your new build will make the universe seem like a much nicer place, but – in the past – it’s been a bank breaker.

Logically, when we saw SanDisk kick off the latest SSD price war, we knew that even the large drives would not be able to resist the cuts. That said, it seemed to make sense when the 60GB and then the 120GB drives tumbled.

Surely, the high end/expensive drives are going to enjoy more stability.

Apparently not.

When it arrived in the KitGuru Labs on 26th March 2011, it weighed in at a healthy £378. Buy the same drive today from Aria or OcUK and you will pick it up for just £139 inc vat. That’s a whopping 60% off the original price and puts it well within the grasp of the humble home enthusiast.

Now that we have had our fill of 60,120 and 240GB drives - who will be first to blink on 480GB?

KitGuru says: It will be interesting to see what kind of financials the major hard drive companies post for 2012.

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