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GTX570 prices in free fall

As predicted by KitGuru last month, nVidia’s mountain of GTX 570 chips in the world is being obliterated by a series of significant price drops – preparing the market for the up-coming launch of the new GTX 660. KitGuru powers up the crystal ball and scans for prices.

The publication of our original price-slash story lined up perfectly with the GTX570 slipping under the magical £200 mark – but things have move on since then. Scan is now taking pre-orders for these cards at just £175 inc vat.

Given how significant a piece of hardware the GTX570 is, £175 is an amazing price point to hit.

But we haven’t seen the end of it.

Not yet.

nVidia launched the GeForce GTX570 in the UK, just in time for Xmas 2010. At launch, it was around the £300 mark, it’s now almost half it’s original price.

In most tests, the GTX570 will beat off a Radeon 6970 in many cases and, with these drops, will cost around £50 less.

The last of the GTX570 cards will be a bargain and a half

KitGuru says: This stock of GTX 570 chips won’t last forever, so if you want one – now would be the time to buy one.

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