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SanDisk launches 19nm SSD range

When it comes to money, burgers or brains – you can make the argument that bigger is better. But when it comes to technology, there is always a special place in the heart of everygeek for things that can be made smaller, sleaker and neater. Enter SanDisk.

Taking the Computex spotlight, SanDisk has announced the launch of its new Extreme II SSD withthat uses the world’s smallest process and nCache technology.

At just 19nm the new SSD comes in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB versions.

According to SanDisk, the 19nm memory die uses the most sophisticated flash memory technology node to date, including advanced process innovations and cell-design solutions.

Result?   Well the Extreme II promises quicker boot-ups and faster runtimes.

While the size of the process is small, nothing seems to have been given up in terms of sheer throughput.

The new SanDisk hardware boasts up to 550MB/sec sequential read and 510MB/sec sequential write speeds, and up to 95,000 random read Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) and 78,000 random write IOPS.

“We are excited to introduce the world's smallest and lowest-cost NAND flash chips based on industry-leading 19nm process technology in our ongoing collaboration with our manufacturing partner Toshiba,” said Yoram Cedar, executive vice president and chief technology officer, SanDisk.

He continued, “Products based on this technology are designed to enable new applications, form factors and consumer experience that will continue to drive the flash industry to new heights”.

We have checked and, apparently, 19nm is less than the width of a human hair. Wow.
We have checked and, apparently, 19nm is less than the width of a human hair. Wow.


KitGuru says: Couple this new technology with the advent of MUCH larger capacity SSD products later this year – and we reckon you'll have another price blood bath on your hands before Xmas. Worrying times for Seagate and Western Digital?

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