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Samsung launches new 14, 10nm processes, updates on 7nm


Samsung has announced an expansion of its foundry production process offerings with a fourth generation 14nm process known as 14LPU. It’s joined by a new 10nm process, 10LPU, too, offering better performance, area reductions and cost savings to potential customers. Although Samsung’s commercial mobile business has blown up in its …

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Qualcomm switches allegiance, gives chip contract to Samsung

Qualcomm has made a landmark choice for its next-generation Snapdragon mobile chips, as it’s chosen to have Samsung manufacture it, rather than its long standing partner, TSMC. This marks the first time that Qualcomm has had any firm other than TSMC manufacture its high-end chips. The chip in question is …

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Qualcomm may use 10nm process for Snapdragon 830

It looks like Qualcomm may be moving on to the 10nm manufacturing process for its future flagship system on chip, the Snapdragon 830. Right now, most flagship devices are using the Snapdragon 810, which had a few issues. However, Qualcomm recently unveiled the Snapdragon 820, which aims to be in …

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SanDisk launches 19nm SSD range

When it comes to money, burgers or brains – you can make the argument that bigger is better. But when it comes to technology, there is always a special place in the heart of everygeek for things that can be made smaller, sleaker and neater. Enter SanDisk. Taking the Computex …

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Ex-AMD VP questions logic of chasing process shrink

One of the most dedicated chases in the IT industry is the one that Intel, nVidia and AMD engage in when it comes to process shrinkage. Indeed, with its vast array of fabrication plants, Intel’s entire mantra is based on the idea of Tick-Tock: Shrinking a known technology, before inventing …

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