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Watch the last day of Kim Dotcom’s appeal process here

For the past near five years, Kim Dotcom has been embroiled in one legal battle or another, but we may finally be close to learning whether he's going to be extradited or not. Today marked the final day of his appeal process and thanks to his petition to live stream the event, we're able to watch all of the final few hours of it on Youtube.

Admittedly this is a rather long stream, with six hours of closing statements from both Dotcom's legal team and the representatives of the U.S. and NZ governments, both of which want to send the German national to the United States to face charges related to running the MegaUpload file locker. Now though at the end of his legal defence, Dotcom seems rather confident he'll win. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aaw4MmK2jo']

Throughout the trial, Dotcom's defence has highlighted not only classic defences like Dotcom not being responsible for the actions of MegaUpload users, but also pointed out what his defence sees as injustices by the U.S. and NZ governments. Since he was branded as a fugitive, because he contested extradition from New Zealand, Dotcom's assets were all frozen, despite him not being proved guilty of any crimes at the time.

This, Dotcom and his team claimed, was by design so that he would struggle to pay a competent legal defence team. Whether you agree with his assessment, Dotcom did indeed struggle to pay his legal team, even leading to losing his original defence back in 2015.

Dotcom even highlighted in a recent Tweet that the U.S. representatives seemed particularly shady about this tactic, asking for the live stream to be shut down while it discussed the topic with the judge. As the hearing drew to a close, Dotcom went on to thank his legal team, even suggesting that his children would grow up with a father because of their efforts.

Clearly he seems to believe that the case is all but over. It will be a while before we know for sure though, as a decision is expected to take several weeks. It's also quite possible that whoever loses will launch a further appeal at a higher court.

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KitGuru Says: Although Dotcom has been confident in the past, he's never quite been this certain of a positive court result before. How do you guys hope it pans out?

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  1. DotCom will lose. The U.S. case is air tight both by Kiwi and U.S. law.

  2. He might lose, but the case is far from airtight.