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Seagate’s storage expansion SSDs for Xbox Series X|S are getting a price drop

Microsoft has just announced via Twitter that the Seagate storage expansion card range for the Xbox Series consoles has received a price cut. While it is still unclear whether this discount is temporary or permanent, the move is expected to bring the expansion cards to more reasonable prices, which is good news for Xbox owners.

Seagate, which has an exclusive agreement with Microsoft/Xbox for the licensed production/selling of proprietary cards, has reduced the prices of all its Storage Expansion Cards in the U. Unfortunately, the European and UK listings are still showing the old prices. The entry-level 512 GB Seagate model now costs $89.99, down from $139.99, while the 1 TB model is now available for $149.99, a reduction of $70. The top-end 2 TB model gets the most significant price cut of $120, bringing it down to $279.99.

Interestingly, Seagate itself has not announced this lowering of gaming product MSRPs. Seagate may be reacting to new competition from Western Digital, reportedly lining up to provide third-party storage expansion cards for Xbox Series console owners (via The Verge). Last month, a Best Buy listing revealed that WD's upcoming offerings would undercut Seagate's prices, at least with the single leaked model (1 TB at $179.99).

Xbox owners have largely agreed that MSRPs were inflated, so the officially sanctioned price drop will undoubtedly be welcome news. Additionally, Seagate appears to be undercutting WD's BLACK C50 1 TB model by $30 with the official 1 TB storage expansion card. While this price drop is only for the US market, Seagate is expected to make similar price cuts for other regions soon.

KitGuru says: Do you own an Xbox Series console? Will you upgrade it with a Seagate storage expansion card if the price cuts reach your region?

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