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Seagate’s new Xbox One SSD offers 512GB of fast console storage

Seagate is looking to give you more space and more speed with your Xbox One, with its new Game Drive for Xbox SSD. It comes packing 512GB of storage space, letting you install around 15 games on the device. They should load quickly and efficiently too, thanks to the device's high-speed flash memory.

While PC gamers worth their salt might have been using SSDs for years at this point, they are far less common in the console space. Fortunately then Seagate is looking to change that. Its new Xbox One SSD joins its line up of Game Drive hard drives for Xbox, which offers expanded storage, but much slower read and write rates.

Physically the drives come in a sleek enclosure with a grey, brushed aluminium top and bottom – along with Xbox and Seagate logos – as well as a green band running around its edge. It connects up to your Xbox using a USB cable.


Although Seagate has yet to release any hard numbers, we're told that games load and install significantly faster on the Xbox SSD than on the mechanical drive alternatives. That's not too surprising, but it would be nice to hear some official numbers on sustained, random read/write and random access times.

Chances are we'll learn features like that over the coming days though, as the drive is expected to debut on Amazon and other sources at the start of November. Pricing is slated for $200, which with the conversion as it is and the VAT included, works out to around £195. That's not too bad a rate for a 512GB SSD, especially since it comes with an enclosure.

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KitGuru Says: How many of you guys use external storage on your Xbox One or PS4 now? If so, is storage size or performance more important for you?

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