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AMD to release Radeon series Solid State Drives

AMD has announced that it will release a series of Solid State Drives under the Radeon R7 brand, these new ‘gaming focused' drives are due to arrive later this year and will come in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB options.

This marks AMD's first move in to the storage space, having already earned a place in the CPU, APU, RAM and GPU markets. Each of these new solid state drives are designed to compete with offerings from the likes of Samsung, Kingston and Crucial.


The three SSD's are built using Toshiba's 19nm process flash node, the drives are expected to have at least a four year lifespan, totaling 42.7TB of write. The 120GB, 240GB and 480GB models will all have a max read speed of 550 MB/s.

The 120GB has a slightly slower write speed, capping out at 470 MB/s while the 240GB and 480GB models are capable of hitting 530 MB/s. The 120GB model also has a slightly lower max random read IOPS rating, coming in at 85,000. The 240GB model can manage 95,000 while the 480GB can do 100,000.

Pricing and availability has yet to be announced but judging by AMD's other products, we can expect them to be very competitively priced when compared to other offerings on the market.

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KitGuru Says: AMD looks to be putting its eggs in every basket it can right now. Do you guys think AMD should be focusing on SSD's and RAM? Have any of you guys ever even seen Radeon RAM? It can be quite difficult to find outside of the US, which is a problem the company will have to combat in order for its SSD's to be successful. 

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