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Seagate FireCuda 530 2TB SSD Review

In our read throughput test the FireCuda 530 peaks at 5,623.58MB/s (8MB block) which is some distance from the official maximum of 7,300MB/s.

Although the test result of 5,623.58MB/s is well short of the official maximum for the drive, it's good enough to plant the FireCuda 530 on top of our results chart. This is in marked contrast to the previous generation FireCuda 520 which sits in the last position in the chart.

In our write throughput test, the FireCuda 530 peaked at 5,816.156MB/s (16MB block), some way short of the official maximum of 6,900MB/s. Unlike the read result, this is only good enough to put the drive into seventh place on our list.

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