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ADATA XPG SX910 256GB SSD Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are looking at the latest Solid State Drive from ADATA … the XPG SX910. This SX910 has native 6Gb/s support and ships with a 3.5 inch adapter and free migration software. The XPG SX910 uses a new optimised firmware to maximise the utilisation of the NAND flash. We are reviewing the 256GB version and will test it against a wide range of leading drives available today.

ADATA have had reasonable success in Europe with their range of Solid State drives, and the XPG SX910 is their latest high performance range incorporating the LSI Sandforce 2281 controller.

The XPG SX910 has zero percent over provisioning and the company rate 4k random IOPS performance at 50,000 read and 80,000 write. Sequential performance is said to be 550 MB/s read and 530 MB/s write. In addition, the SX910 undergoes an improved screening process for the Flash IC chip selection.

On paper it looks to be the most impressive LSI Sandforce 2281 powered Solid State drive, to date.

ADATA are releasing 128gb, 256gb and 512gb capacities, targeting a wide cross section of enthusiast and corporate user.

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  • Optical Illusion

    Excellent performance all round, but its expensive, not by yesterdays standards, but id opt for the 256gb SX900 model, at £100 less

  • DarthDiggler

    Good drive, but I still would go for the vertex 4 from OCZ< as incompressible is better again.

  • Harry

    Never even heard of ADATA before. I see they have quite a few SSDs out already. oriental brand I take it?

  • Jim

    How does the SX910 differ from the SX900. The performance specs are the same but the SX910 has a five year (vice three year) warranty and a higher price; I have heard that the ciis are select (binning/cherrypicking); any other ideas? Is the SX910 worth a premium price over the SX900?


  • Jim

    typo – “…chips are select (binning/cherrypicking)…”