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MemoRight FTM.25 115GB SSD Review

Rating: 5.5.

The market in 2011 is literally flooded with Solid State Drives, and today we are looking at a new product from MemoRight – The FTM.25 115GB. While many people have probably never heard of ‘MemoRight’, the company have many links to the military and enterprise sectors.

The FTM.25 drives are in their ‘commercial series’ and are classed as the cost sensitive range. Today we are looking at the 115GB model in the line up.

Specifications overview:

  • MLC NAND Type
  • OP Temperature: 0~70℃
  • High performance (Up to 280/270 MB/s)
  • Max IOPS: Up to 30K IOPS on 4K Random Read, up tp 10K IOPS on 4K Random Write.
  • TRIM support (O/S support dependent)
  • Lower power consumption (<2W in operation)
  • Min. Access Time: <0.1 ms
  • OVP protected
  • High Shock Resistant: Up to 1500G
  • Slim 2.5″ Form Factor
  • Light Weight: 75g

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  • Optix

    DIdnt they make blank CD’s, I swear I saw some locally….

  • Dramag

    Needs to be under £100 for it be a useful buy for people. Even those who dont have a SATA 6Gbps controller wouldn’t opt for a SATA 3GBps drive as they would want future proofing in case they moved systems in a few months.

    Price is the only thing they should focus on, and thats way over the odds.

  • Either

    Ill pass. Might have been good 14 months ago……. they are a chinese company however, so they clearly dont have their finger on the pulse.

    They will probably sell a ton of these into the enterprise market at a fraction of the price.

  • David

    Wouldnt worry about it, not for sale anywhere I can see anyway!

  • Harry

    Its a clear way to shift old stock, I can’t imagine this move would work well in China either, as I know they are pretty up to date on tech hardware. Unless they sold them into a company making a lot of laptops with SATA 3 ports, dont see them selling well. its last gen tech without a good ‘sticker’ from a leading manu such as OCZ.

    SSD market is still small however, …..

  • Ned

    Well thats more than a little disappointing. Seems they arent up to date at all.

  • Wen

    Why not review their lastest SATA III FTM Plus SSD? As I know this FTM-25 SATA II SSD was launched around one year ago.

  • Kitguru spoke with Memoright after this review was published. We received our sample from a retailer and have since learned that Memoright have a new range of Solid State Drives with Sata 6Gbps performance. We hope to get one for review soon.

    This product is still being sold however so its a valid review.

  • Doris

    The SSD I used now is Memoright FTM-25 SSD 115GB. I bought it last year, so It is obviously FTM-25 is not a new product from Memoright. The performance and reliability for this SSD is quite good. I ever saw a review on Tom’s Hardware and Memoright FTM-25 got a good ranking among several SATA II SSDs, so I bought this SSD. Personally, I think it is not fair that comparing SATA II SSD with SATA III SSD.

  • Polo

    Oh grow up. If its still being sold, and its full price, its not fair to the poor saps who could get a drive at twice the speed for almost the same price.