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Windows 8: reasons why you might love it

You can't escape news this week without hearing something about the new, upcoming Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. Very few people have had a chance to play with the operating system, and even few own a beta copy. Unless you fancy parting with a few thousand bucks for one of the auctioned developer samples hitting ebay, all we have are ‘reports'.

Dwight Silverman, at the Houston Chronicle has written an editorial giving his views on the much discussed operating system. In the article he lists four main ‘selling' points which users should appreciate.

Improved search. Windows 7 power users love the search field that appears at the bottom of the Start menu. Just type what you're looking for – a program, a document or media file – and it appears in the Start menu's list area. Fans of this feature were dismayed when screen shots showed there was no such field on the new Metro start screen.

WindowsToGo. Suppose you could sit down at any Windows PC and have it boot up as your PC – with your settings, wallpaper, bookmarks and even your favorite software programs. WindowsToGo makes this possible by putting a complete copy of the operating system on a USB flash drive.

Syncing PCs. For some time now, Android and webOS smartphone users have been able to sign in to a new phone and have their customizations and even applications transferred automatically to a new device. Microsoft is bringing this feature to Windows 8.

Refresh your PC. Many Windows users think it's a good idea to periodically refresh their PCs by reinstalling the operating system. This can be a real pain, because it involves also backing up and restoring all your documents, then reinstalling your applications.

Still not sure? well make up your own mind by watching some of the videos of the Microsoft presentations.

If you don't have enough information on Windows 8, then check out the videos above.

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